Our contemporary facilities ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel in all areas of learning.

Our library provides a social space to meet, collaborate, research, learn, share, and relax. The staff work to develop a reading culture and teach information literacy across the school by leading students through processes which empower them to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers and skillful, efficient and discerning researchers. Students have weekly library sessions to browse and borrow books.


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School provides modern learning spaces and opportunities that support collaboration and enhance learning for all students. From the latest technology to a variety of flexible seating and classroom furniture arrangements, students have the environment to work either independently, in small groups or whole class settings depending on the learning needs of students.Our learning spaces focus on developing the foundations of lifelong inquiry and love of learning.


We have large playground spaces that cater for many different games and activities. There are multiple handball courts, slides, climbing equipment and synthetic grass areas where students play soccer and other games. There is a giant chess board with large pieces and a large connect four set that students engage with each day. Students also have a range of play equipment available to them including construction blocks and skipping ropes.


Students learn to work collaboratively and independently utilising equipment and technology that matches the task, fosters their creativity and encourages critical thinking and problem solving. Our learning spaces include class sets of iPads in K-2 as well as computers. We also have a STEM space with bee-bots, sphero robot balls and other robotics equipment which students use during coding lessons.


Our canteen is open five days a week at both lunch and recess. Students have the opportunity to purchase delicious and healthy snacks. Parents are also able to order lunch for their child using an online app and students receive their lunch during our first break.


Our multipurpose school hall is a large space where our whole school is able to gather. It is used for assemblies, special events, sports and gymnastics lessons and prayer services. This space has a stage for performances and is also used by SMOOSH, our before and after school care service. The hall is also air conditioned making it a comfortable space to gather in all weather conditions. It is equipped with a kitchen which is often used when catering for events.


Our school garden is a calm and vibrant space with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs growing. Our native Australian stingless bees help the garden to thrive in a sustainable way. Classes often visit the garden for interesting science lessons and to inspire them artistically.

Before Care

SMOOSH is our on-site before and after school and vacation care programme that operates five days a week during school terms and most student vacation periods . If you have any questions, please email SMOOSH at smooshconcord2137@gmail.com or phone 0401 828 636 during business hours.